Getting the Columns Genesis Game Complete

2018-02-25 16:15:25 by ultraemo

Two year ago, my sister died. She was one year older then I was. Now that I've outlived her. it's a different story and my behave has changed alittle bit, it like that I knew someone who I grew up all my life at my age and she was meant to be in the other room alive or somewhere else and she isn't there anymore. So to make my life worth while to do something in her favour, I've been making stuff that reminds me of her. That way, I get the skill I want and I hope to make full use of it in the future. My sister always allowed me to play Sega Genesis games, so I should at least make something to remind me of her from time to time before I forget. I don't want to forget her.

One of her favourite games was Columns for the Sega Genesis (or Mega Drive, since I'm in the PAL region), so I decided to get the original Columns cartridge, take the ROM chip out and place it in a pink cartridge. I had to reproduce the label for it to stick on the new Sega Genesis cartridge. 

Not filfulled, I decided to get the instruction manual and a new case and reprint the original cover (since it's around somewhere on the internet) to make the package complete. Not in pink that having the entire thing in pink would be a dream. Maybe one day but I suppose I'm satified as it is. Now I have a complete Columns game for the Sega Mega Drive but in a pink cartridge. Nice to actually complete something cool and to move on a bit but not show off wildly. I don't plan to sell this, like never. I have many more ideas that I want to put together in the gaming world and hopefully upload on NewGrounds related to retro gaming that I would want to make. 








I plan to re-design many game cartridges in the future. I have an order coming in later, so it's worth looking forward too and seeing how that goes and be worth sharing.


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