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Regarding Some of My Animations Here

Posted by ultraemo - July 16th, 2018


I'm deciding to break out and to finally get to explain some of the inspiration behind some of my movies. For the pass seven years, I've been settling and using chatrooms. Not the NewGrounds chatroom on this website. I'm talking about those independent chatrooms. Well I figured what ever happened to chatrooms and I've been using them and well, I've had alot of reasons to keep in their then anywhere, so that's very scary to admit. Trying not to embarrass myself. surviving chatrooms isn't easy. The moment of bullying and cheating I've seen in chatrooms, you wouldn't believe. That for another time.

Making movie wise, I started making my little animations years ago, when chatrooms were hot, there were like 40 active users sitting in a chatroom, watching the colorful text go by and before the Google Panda update was in place, allowed those chatrooms to be active and having traffic of users flooding in and using the chatroom. Tough crowd and to stand out and get somewhere, the reason I went by and mixed in with everyone was because I could make movies. I made movies about users, like an e-card but it was meant to tell those users and everyone that they stood out and etc but that when it was hit and miss really. I have an entire YouTube channel full of them. Unlisted and privated for many reasons but solely because it was a private encounter with someone else who I just met and I didn't want to for them into the spotlight just in case I made a great movie and it went viral by accident. It happens. 

With the "Drama" within the chatrooms, someone got the shit end of the boat and be painted to be the biggest loser. Something everyone tries to avoid or don't want, it happens but unfortuately, there were users I've met over the years, I'm talking about EVERYDAY, who would enter the chatroom, really out there to try and seek some attention to sometimes but would monopolize situations or take advangate of the situation and I thought it was all just some tougue on cheek, get what people get when it's free, so I really needed something to really get at them.  

... from this website, because the chatrooms were powered by Flash, I thought it was a good idea to use this website to help me try to get the message at them and they were annoying! Because the chatroom I was at, had something like 20 active chatters and you get that really controlling yet can't remove user that annoys everyone and admin doesn't want to remove him or anything, so I had to take my time, to make a movie, polish it to standard (because of the rating system here) and publish it here. If I had something like the basic 300 views, 125 votes,... that was alot more then the 20 active chatters in the chatroom. That's 300 against 20 views, so that's more powerful and using the idea that if I don't get millions of views on YouTube, therefore they thought, it wasn't worth it. Making movies and uploading here, just meant, they never saw what I made coming to them. :D

Thankfully, not all the movies I've made out there to go after the users I was settling with in that chatroom with. Some users were good movies to be nice to those users, so I didn't want to just make my channel like I went against everyone. Yes, a PR campaign to make me look good :D but I don't want my movies just to get at everyone and maybe I'll make a movie to represent someone and it would pay off in a way that I would be surprised about.
Anyways, more about this and on specfics, who I went after and what I did another time, because I have a lot of say about this, because I've been in the chatroom for so long, so I'm not really short on stories. But I did take advangate of what goes on around here, so I apologize if anyone feels exploited if they voted on my movies but it did help and I will explain who I've made a hit on and which movie in future posts. I got what I wanted and I want to move on. I really want to get them out because I did have so much fun with what people were telling me and how they were trying to get me on their side, to help them, just becuase I made my animation shorts, so it is a story worth telling in a future.


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