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Some re-adjustments on my contents!

Posted by ultraemo - January 21st, 2019

Hello, so I've been visiting this website for almost two decades now, really didn't phase me. I've been visiting this place before YouTube hit the scene and I think that explains why I haven't, not really an idea to point out that how YouTube taken over is the reason I shouldn't have visited this place. Something worth mentioning, I am amazed how educated viewers are. Before, make the most vile animations and it got you somewhere or make a point. Now, because video content is here, not just on You(Face)Tube... there's expections from you folks and it has changed some of the ideas in videos. 

But because of this, a few weeks ago, I decided to delete some of my videos. This was because they were getting in the way of the real world, my real world. If my boss saw it at work for example, I know I'll get fired of them or I have trouble telling people about how I make videos because of it's content and feel threaten. I've had some controversial says at work and I've had people in the real world who were "concerned" with some of the edgy claims I've ever made, not just in videos. 

Funnily enough, the videos, that I kept up are the videos I know wouldn't make outsiders question the content I've made. These just happen to be the content that I've cried my eyes out and break sweat for and spent weeks. Movies like Why He Named Himself Freethinker and Angel Interrupted for example. Thoses are the movies that went under my skin where I said to myself "I feel stupid making this!" but knowing it would get somewhere, just shows that it's made me comfortable with my edgy videos! I have personality have people who take a cheap swing at me bashing my videos but only do it as a cheap tactic to get me to keep making videos so they can just sit back and get entertained and even claim its them that's driving me but also funny is that no one talks to them or they have no one to talk too about that. It makes me laugh they don't have anyone to tell that too maybe because they don't have anything and just using that idea to get attention for themselves. Very very cheap.

But anyways, I am still working on my jaggy edge animations. Got three movies planned, so I can't get to get them together, polished and for the website. A lot more in the future.



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