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Why I've been so idle

Posted by ultraemo - May 9th, 2021

Hello folks, so it has been a while since I've posted anything on this profile, if not across this website, especially considering that I was User of the Day, a few months ago, so maybe to explain where I've been, if not since a few months ago (when I was User of the Day) but maybe all the time, over the years. 

So I've been using chatrooms over the past decade, since 2011, non-stop and it wasn't because I'm unsociable or lonely or desperate or whatever. It was a slow progress getting into them. The idea was trying to improve the conditions of chatrooms and to make them friendly. So what's interesting is that the chatroom software I settled in and grown with, was powered by Adobe Flash.

So, the group I'm part with, since they've been part of that software which is powered by Flash. Because I have my skills and experiences in handling situations, like what happens in chat, I have users who turn to me, for advice and defenses and I've never had a situation where I've worsen what went on there. Other times, I've had users try to get me on their side, only to find that they had other chatrooms, to try to build, maybe to show off, a little bit. I've never been in that crowd. Not once, or felt like I've missed out. Stood my ground, stayed in that one community and did what I did for that website.

With chatrooms, you get banned or kicked out or whatever and it means something but other times, I get groups who try starting up but fail, maybe because they can't sort whatever out for themselves and etc. So because it was powered by Adobe Flash and because Flash was switched off from the beginning of this year, some website owners, had to deal with that. Some didn't. So what I did, some of them, dealt with it better then others and I told a few that those website aren't doing anything about it, so don't bother. 

I return and Flash gets its EOL notice, I visit those websites and there was no chance, unless they find another chat client in PHP or HTML5 or whatever, with the news out there on Adobe Flash, those months and years ago. They had to remove the page and it was just a front page or they were "sitting ducks" in the situation. The reason, in a way, I'm bragging about it because they never liked me, yet I give all this help to them and they treated me trash, so I don't give them the key compenents. That's was my chatroom situation.  

So Flash, it's kind of like why I don't talk about it because the more I talk, the more, someone out there is going to do something about it, using Ruffle for those chatrooms or whatever but since I've done a bit of a risk assessment in the situation, it's why I'm beginning to speak up about it. If anyone out there, is willing to get that software working in Ruffle, I'm not going to say which one. I'm telling you, that software isn't as good as they say, it is. 

Anyways, the situation I have out there, hasn't got anything to do with Adobe Flash and it's not really my problem, anyways. I just didn't want to say much about it, bceause there's folks who are doing in their power to keep it alive. They didn't invite me, so I don't have to do anything. One thing I would say, because it's a chatroom community situation, I'm sure many people have noticed that I disapprove Discord and I would reject the offer and leave projects. This is the reason why. Maybe a bit unfair but after my experiences with this other software and the communities maintain this software powered in Adobe Flash and with the EOL on it, which has locked out anyone who tries to use it. I don't want to use a chatroom or chat community, ever again. Never. Discord's like a messaging board but it's stylized like a closed gated chat.

I mean at the end of the day, they didn't invite me or ask for my opinon. They must have thought, I was going to speak up about it and tell them what's best for their situation. So how about NO! Never! They must have thought, I was a meek desperate piece of trash, that was trying hard to fit in and they struggle to get their heads around, how to keep a place, they were trying to keep running and whatever they were trying to do. This software had invisible mode for admins and they enjoyed booting people. I'm not going to support that. Get me to drink kool-aid for them.

I have people I knew, I met in places like that, simply out there to get me. They can come here and explain why they think I'm trash. I won't. Trust me, on that. So anyways, ummm, there's that and why I'm out and about and hopefully explains, why I don't log into a place like Discord, which is unfair for those who do use it, condisdering many have potential but I spent my time, when I was their age, in a similar situation and had posted enough, for them to tell me, never to use a service like Discord or a chatroom. If that clears anything up. Like I'm wasting my time, so maybe that's something I've taken on board. I don't know, I'm confused myself.

Because I have that situation and in a way, want to deal with what I have out there, it's why I've put making animations on the side. The animations have always been on the side, to get by and it's nice that there's some level of interest but I have to deal with this chat situation. It may even benefit Discord because the software landscape may change, so I'm prepping up, really. So I'm safe, blogging about this and I try not to be so harsh towards the Discord users.



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