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Bobinogs: BBC's Answer to Telebubby's Funland?!

Posted by ultraemo - January 8th, 2017

Bobinogs is a 2003 children animation show made by BBC Wales where the animation is made entirely in Marcomedia Flash. There are some live action segments of kids performing but not much of but I would agree with Bobinogs being the first show to be credited of Flash's creativity with when it was made. This is where my research of where Flash has gone into and I thought this was more of an interesting find then what I've getting into so far. I don't think there's been a blog about this, hence why I'm blogging.


The fact that this cartoon was made in Marcomedia Flash late after the events of what happened could be purely coincidental but I know someone or a bunch of workers in some offices somewhere in the BBC knew what fully went on and had there input with how this cartoon should be made after what happened here on Newgrounds between them and the BBC, I think it shows in Bobinogs that it was a show to poke fun at the adult audience who've watched it and simply liked Flash animations at the time. 


The shows central characters are a trio of band members, Ogi, Bobin and Nib. The simplistic animation make many of the characters questionable of who they are and who they are trying to represent and what it may be. For kids, it's a no brainer, maybe it teachs them what to look out for and not to judge characters but for adults, it may be a different story. For example, it's clear Ogi, the fat character who looks like a bunch of South Park characters combined is based of South Park, which was a viral hit back in the mid 90s. Makes it even more funny that his belly button is sicking out. For kids, wouldn't get it, for adults who've may of known about South Park. It could be a different story.


... and believe it or not, Bobin, the character in the glasses (maybe the best way to simply describe that character if selected from a line-up among other characters) is female but they've created her to look very male at first glance, with a scene featured here in this screenshot, to show off that she isn't afraid to wear a dress. Oh, the hat she wears makes her look African or Carribean, so try and explain the character design for that one and see how message goes around, if it was mis-explained with someone of ethic origin nearby listening in.

Then you would think... if the chubby kid is meant to represent South Park all in one, and the character with the Glasses with meant to provoke a reaction for black people to cave  into someone who talks too much, then you would wonder what's the disturbing significant of the little girl in the blue dress?! Isn't that the point? Who think about something disturbing over a little girl?! They even given her a navy hat which looks like they have devil horns on them! That's equality the disturbing traits to match those characters.

You can tell that this cartoon was created to pick at the adult auidence and have viewers discuss and possibly point the finger at potential offensive comments to any unlucky viewer, who would criticize what appears in this cartoon, solely for the fun of it after their attack on here. Similar to the same situation that happened here on Newgrounds, years before. One organization (The BBC) certainy learnt something from Newgrounds and may still feel bitter about it, so they could of used that experience to help create this!


... and there's many more examples of scenes where it's hints alot of suggestions to the adult audience to get them to think suggestively. You can tell this scene screams this, breaks stretotyping in a suggestive manner for adults. Did you ever plan to go with your woman and walk in a park together, crossing by someone's picnic? How about this?! Which elderly woman rides a pink bicycle?

I think it's clear what happened here on Newgrounds, influnece how Bobinlogs was made with some or many of the elements (all?) found in the cartoon and does concern and make me think alittle bit, especaility considering it was a Welsh company that created this and not an English company, where the main BBC offices are located.

With a population of over 3 million (if you consider the cartoon was made in 2003, possible under 3 million), Wales makes a good minority of the United Kingdom. Sometimes, with all the times I've lived here in London, I've learnt that many people from Wales don't get along with some of the folks here in England and most of the time, the Welsh need more support then we would usually assume. So instead... Wales make the first flash animation for the television. I feel like more crap to be from England, home of the BBC but I'm sure the Welsh wouldn't want me to feel that way.

I must admit, it's a dicey thing from a corparation to manage and many British kids were told this was a good idea to watch this. I shouldn't be surprised. It could of been the other way around if Welsh set out to make this. Wales must of made Bobinogs for England considering that this was popular in England also and maybe it was more of a favor for people in England after Telebubby Funland.Wales has given birth and rise of some of the best media stars in the world (like Luke Evans for example. who performing as Gaston in the upcoming Beauty and the Beat and also is Owen Shaw in Furious 6, who helpped give way to Jason Statham in Furious 7  for example, you see what's going on there?!). I would think that a Welsh company for them to make the first flash cartoon for television was just a way to say that us folks in England aren't still bothered about Flash or just simply needed help with it. 


The BBC also enjoyed Bobinogs so much to give it an special case for it's DVD release, moulded with a handle, for kids to carry it around, like some sort of trophy or handy toolbox. How this made and packaged for it's DVD release says alot about how it was made. It may have low value pre-owned across shopping websites but the price may shoot up, if the whole world knows about the whole BBC vs Telebubby Funland debarkable with this Bobologs being made soon afterwards. They've sold a flash cartoon like candy maybe! Maybe that's what the BBC are trying to do because they didn't want to see their "Teletubby character designs in adult situations", so they went the other way with this. I suppose that's competition then but it's worth pointing all this out because it happened on Newgrounds first. Never forget because I wouldn't, but then what?! We've got loads of examples of Adobe Flash being used for kids entertainment here in the UK, so it makes me wonder how message really got across.

Other then that, thanks for reading and maybe I'm not going off the rails with this find. I'll let you decide for yourself.


Very interesting thing going on, here. It's like SpongeBob in a way, where they put adult references in that kids wouldn't notice. What a find. Oh, the noteriety, Newgrounds!

Yeah, tell me about it. I thought it was also interesting. I'm not sure how many others are aware about this.