Why My <3 is in MS Paint Drawn Animations

2017-05-04 20:40:11 by ultraemo


Something I could finally explain that talks about me. I'm moving away from Flash for good, that idea alone is slowly becoming a cliche. In my own time, I've been making animations with MS Paint frame work. It's because I have the creative freedom to draw excatly what I want and very quickly. It also means I can take care of the animation slides. I'm going to be focused on this in the future. It also saves me alot of hassle but there are some things I am considering. I have a supply of movies so far, but I'm trying to work or re-edit them to fit onto this website. I actually shy away from it but I've been getting support to continue making movies, but my choice in strict MS Paint is mine because it's something I can make. I think there's alot I could too to make it worth while. It's just practice. I'm also working on my aetheistic too. Gives me something to make the movie look good.


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