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All about "Freethinker"

Posted by ultraemo - July 17th, 2018

Sure some have seen my video Why he named himself Freethinker: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/660937


To explain the reason behind making this video. During my years in the chatroom I've settled in, there was this one guy who've always taken the mic and rants and alienates people. He annoyed 95% of the chatroom. There was even a time when some of the other chatters set up another section to get away from him in the lobby. He would never stop. He went by the name Freethinker... but then it makes anyone wonder why he named himself Freethinker when he couldn't deal with how he annoys people. So if I wanted to cuss him down, makes you wonder what he was trying to make others look.


Freethinkers... or a freethinker within soceity, during the last decade, they were protrayed as the least trusted people and have major difficulties to fit within society because of their beliefs. They are the focus of major criticism and ordeals but since then, it's been relaxed towards them because of the amount of alienation they had to endure and how unfair for them it would get, so now a days Freethinkers are alot more tolerated and more accepted within soceity. 

So here's a guy who talks about what he talks about, like weed to try to make himself look mature. He kept ranting on and on and would always ignore others who he simply didn't like because they never wanted to talk to him with what he believed in and almost everyone didn't want him. Because the admin had nothing against him, they couldn't remove him, so with the tools i had and the website here, I thought, made a movie about how much of an asshole he was. 

... and I have to tell you. I didn't like it. I told alot of people that I was going to make a movie about how much of an idiot he was because he was a problem. I spent TWO WEEKS making that movie while he sat there ranting on. He wasn't going to go anywhere . Maybe not the best quality of movie making but decent. It had a story and quality was decent but that was it! Posted it here, got approved and then I later showed him. 

To my surprise and reaction what I saw happened next, he reacted and he changed and I never saw him again. He knows it's true. There's a few users/people I meet out there who can't deal with the every day world. He went around hogging the microphone, trying to say that he's pooring in the energy into the chatroom he knows everyone wants but never really given it. So when I made that movie and his reaction in the chatroom, I knew I had something. That's why some of the movies come across maybe bizzare and alienate but they really represent someone, elsewhere and it's meant to tell them to behave and they don't have all the power in the world. 

... and yeah, I do feel a bit bad but the least I can do is to make myself a supporter and it did give me a chance to get some experience making videos which is useful for me into the video and I do have you guys to thank for that.


It's such a newgrounds solution. I love it. (The video wasn't bad either).

Yeah, thanks. I thought so also being a solution. Thanks again!