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A good start on my channel?

Posted by ultraemo - December 11th, 2016

Hello Folks

I've just getting to get my Newsground account up and running with movies, thanks for watching and enjoying my films. The early movies, I've been playing around with Vectorian Giotto which I have used in my previous first movies however the pain dealing with the flaws and bugs has got me fed up. So I have agreed to get abode to make movies, but that's a different story. I've been purchasing stuff over the years but never using them, so that's where my confidence hits me. It doesn't mean I've given up, it's just back to re-thinking how or what is best for me to work on to make the most out of Adobe Flash.

Vectorian Giotto is a decent program to make flash movies at the bare minimum however the company out there decided to drop their support for the problem, so I can't complain about the bugs and crashes I've encountered for the program. 

My last submission "Big Fat Bad Shawn", which some of you may of noticed was actually made in MS Paint and Movie Maker. While Newgrounds is catered for Flash films and while sometimes the website may allow other mediums to slip thru (sorry Newgrounds), I can't and I don't want to keep making submissions like that all the time or I will have to explain why I've made a submission in MS Paint for my submissions. I do want them to be related to Flash movies because I still support the medium and I hope to transfer some of the ideas from some of the MS Paint movies I made into Flash because I like what Flash does with my ideas, which is the main reason I support the medium. 

More submissions later and thanks for reading.


Making your stuff with paint and WMM sounds like an absolute pain. If you're looking for an upgrade for that, you can use VideoPad. It's a LOT easier to work with, better, and free. If you're working with flash, you can always check the old tutorials around here.

Wow, it looks cool, thanks. I think I'll get myself into that and yeah, I'll check out the old tutorials too.

Let me know if anything seems not to be working for you. I can probably help