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My Thoughts on MS Paint Gone To Be No More

Posted by ultraemo - August 8th, 2017


Hello.. so while Adobe Flash has reported to be killed off for good, that isn't the only software announced to be killed off. Microsoft has joined in to announced that they're killing off MS Paint. It's going to be replaced with the more 2010 kind of software 3D Paint. Yep, you can paint in full 3D. So what would people miss from MS Paint?

Myself personality. The animations MS Paint has offers was already tapped out. Pixel Art being the most popular. I use MS Paint to make some of my animations for community chatrooms because they look bad but I may continue just to put some closure onto it. I also use Paint.net and is currently aware about some features to make animations feel like they've been made in MS Paint.

There's also a patented animation technique called swigglevision. Yep, it's been patented. Remember that jazzy city cartoon titled Dr Katz? The animation company behind the show patented it back in the ninties. It's a bit of a steal if any animation company worked hard to make cartoons and patented something like that because drawing figure animation in MS Paint is hard and takes a while. Really drains some nights I have sometimes making animations for those.

MS (2D) Paint has really allowed everyone to tap out the potiental the software ofered and clearly Microsoft are moving on. I'm going to make the most out of the software and make some cartoons I really really think I think I should make and just move on also. What do you guy think of MS Paint going and being replaced by 3D Paint?

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It won't be completely dead:

By the way, have you heard of PaintDotNET? It's like MS Paint on steroids, and it's free!: https://www.getpaint.net/

Yeah, of course I'll see it on the store but sometimes I get so absorbed in MS Paint that Windows would try to make it outdated and render it unusable in future window releases. I use PaintDotNET regularity. My favourite program actually, sits on my toolbar on my Windows 10 all the time. Thanks.