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What's For 2020, Makes Me Watch 2012

Posted by ultraemo - September 7th, 2017


After the late news of Adobe announcing that they'll abandon Flash in 2020, I've decided to watch the movie 2012, maybe an inspiration of what's going to happen to Flash in 2020 and it's the most tasteless choice of movie. I mean Adobe Flash is software so anything could happen and happen soon after. Hopefully I wouldn't post much here because I should be more concerned with making movies if I'll blog around here, so this post is going to stay for a while.

2012 was released in 2009. (Oh, good I could finally blog about this!) It based of the Anicent Mayan prediction the world was going to end in... 2012, aka five years ago. Clearly loads of people were talking about it then. Worth the movie? It gathered back almost four times in earnings against it's budget. Yep, loads went to see it The movie has a good cast but I think the movie really pokes fun at the 2012 event. It certainly give loads starring in that movie something for their career.  There's many sub-stories in the movie along the main movie, like the family from LA and a scienist who are part of the survival crew trying to outrun the distaster. It's just a movie anyways. The special effects were the best part of the movie also. Surely the movie gives everything the world wanted to see, like the arrogant Russian guy who dies towards the end for example.

The movie was very very long also. Very long clocking in at 2 hours, 28 minutes, seriously long. I don't know if that is a good thing or bad thing.

Makes me wonder what will come out for Adobe Flash. Maybe I should make a little movie like that. It would be great. Not sure if the world wants to know the Flash community would build arks and hide themselves until the rest of the world wants us. Doesn't stop anyone from making Flash films because they can be rendered from their files and displayed on the big screen and who knows what Adobe will do with Flash... I mean Adobe Animate for years to come. 

I'm sure many would wonder if I had something against Flash. Here where I live in Britain, when Marcomedia first offered Flash, they rigged the prices skyhigh for us British. So for American consumers, they got it for $99 and for British customers to gather a license, they rigged the prices to £99 which was actually something like $190. When Flash was first one, even I knew the prices wasn't correct at the time. Yep, it's one of the reasons I stayed clear for Flash and never really bothered. I haven't found a reason for it, which is a shame. I didn't even pirate the damn thing for use to make movies anywhere.

Also with YouTube casting over NewGrounds, I was actually confused with what went on, so I made movies for private use but now I got all the skill I want but I have to think about what's worth while.  

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... and I have more classic movie reviews which I want to connect to my future animations but how long until it will ever happen, I don't know but it just saves me from not blogging from time to time and just keep one blog just in case you find this page and may feel it's dated. It's just because I want to focus all my time making movies to home on my animation skills some more.