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Draw a set of lines, stylise it, make it look Scandinavian, slap a Scandinavian title. That's it. It's bare minimum! Some points for having a heart however to make this!

charliemakescartoons responds:

Thank you, it was based off a comic I made (link in the description) which didn't have any movement going on, hence the lack of animation.

I'll be an idiot not to notice the style!

That's really great! Drawing the characters in a way that it doesn't look exactly like the actual Simpsons characters and they still somehow match their real counterparts.

"What's that glitch looking title on front page?, Let me see if it's real by clicking on it or I'll report the problem, if any to admin if it's fake or a website glitch to try to boost my creditably around here".. *click*... that's how I found this video! Good video!

The robotic yuppies got married!!! :)

Hahaha! Even the Sonic logo in the background looks like he knew what this movie was meant to be about!

This is fantastic. What I could of wanted more off, the scenes where the characters stand still, could of had some extra animation of them breathing or moving slowly in curiosity because they sometimes look weird standing still but that's just a little desire of mine to make this more fulfilling.

NostheMerc responds:

I completely agree. I only colored half of the frames I had penciled. What was excluded had more secondary animation and atmosphere building. There's literally a box of ~500 sheets of paper in storage waiting to get shading.

Makes me wonder what enemies and villains are going to be a good match for the lead character! I would imagine the female version of the title character. Like how Supergirl was made from Superman!

Deleted scene from Watership Down!

It's decent animation at least! Make some original models for your next movie in the future. I would gladly make a model of shit if it's going to be your next movie. No joke! It's quite easy to make.

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