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Oh, that "rules of engagement"! Yeah, that was good!

Nice. One of the clips somewhat stole the show early in my opinion. Somewhat knew they wanted to take the spotlight with how graphic it went. Feel like that ruined the entire segment.

I couldn't help notice the gritty concrete texture. I thought those really gave scenes the detail they deserve.

Only downside for myself is that it's in mono-chromed, feels like the movie gets away with it. Seen it all before but that's just an opinion of mine.

Gerkinman responds:

Ah man, this animation is an old one but I still quite like it in a lot of ways. Maybe I will be able to go back and expand on it some day.

Good movie. Aged well!

Belongs here indeed!

I was wondering why some of the ideas felt a bit out-dated... it was made in 2014! It think the quality of animation fused with the jokes does hold up. I think you should go the full hog with diversity to include penguins, martians and robots if you ever want to go down that route in your next video!

It was hard to tell if the characters eyes were beady or not. The bright light blended the eyes and body making it out like the characters eyes were small and beady. That was my first impression of the character. Didn't get so much in the way. I still enjoyed the animation.

The animation is amazing. The camera could have zoomed in alittle bit after a few seconds since the animation is the show. Everyone already knows it's an Gameboy, so the text print could have been cropped off. Don't really need it after knowing what the device is.

DenXVII responds:

You're right.
Maybe I'll post the animation seperately to be seen better.

Urgh, we already have something like that, it's called Monsters, Inc.

A Classic.

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