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I like how that makes you avoid looking at Maggie, during the entire segment.

Great story, well polished, consistent art style. Well worth watching.

Nice! Very nice!

Intro and first scenes ruined it. A shame because with all that hard work was placed into it. I wish I could get away insulting the logo of this website and the game developers who made the game. Even the first scene, with that lovely squid character, who was struggling to play the game. am I suppose to laugh at him? I felt bad for the character. It really is painfully unfunny. My condolences, if this may be harsh but it's true. There's loads of moments in the video, like that. with likeable characters who are thrown in embarrassing situations. It doesn't seem right.

Edit in reply to the comments from the creators: I understand you worked hard on it and had some delays (and I notice you're very young, as a content creator) but I was expecting better. It may have been too ambitious of a project for you to begin with. (and yes, I can crouch jump and I be more then happy to buy or a make a controller, suitable for the squid). I raise my score with a star but for some, can't keep protesting, if someone slams your hard work. If you don't want the feedback and comments, that's fine, I'll take it, somewhere else.

Juiceboi-PRO responds:

Can you crouch jump?

TSCOCT responds:

When you can't crouch jump
edit: we know you didnt play the game

8BitAnt responds:

You need to get better at ur crouch jump skills

BingoWaders responds:

you need to jump and while in mid-air hold the crouch button

BlackAnimation responds:

Yeah I can see where your coming from , Thank you for your point of view ..............................-_-

crummylion responds:

WOAH! Calm down Kanye.

Pyronator responds:

Damn bro, did you forget your soy this morning

NielCT responds:

Chupame la pija, Saltar agachado es re facil

Komix responds:

Oof, my Struggle is not funny enough. In my other videos I am in less embarrassing situations as the squidboy but those got lower ratings lol. Oh well can't please everyone.

bukimi-na responds:

I have never ever seen this man crouch jump. He is lying

TerrorByte responds:

Stop talking about me, "being too young." you're in your 30s, acting all spiteful to some randos on the Internet. Now please come back when you have valid critism to give us, instead of the same abstract garbage you've spilled in this review.

You should have added an extra scene at the end, where the trademark office rejects the trademark of his face!

"19 Chapters (and a Hazard Course)"? at the beginning of this video. What? Are you trying to sell me another Half Life game? I've already played it.

8BitAnt responds:

Don’t get you balls in a bunch buddy, it’s just a damn trailer for the collab. Get over yourself.

Juiceboi-PRO responds:

we're trying to sell you milk you look thirsty

TerrorByte responds:

Dude c'mon, grow up...

Nice, all in one video. Amazing thumbnail/cover. I love it. That community feel to it. Just fits the mood of all the segments.

This is good. Could have tried making Flash more of a character to fit in the production. That's all.

LewisTV responds:

hm that would've been hard

Nice and bold production. Nice time to release the video. I would have hope there was more animation. Looks like it was tackled together in some cases, just to be swept under the rug.

Trust Homer to be so dumb that he needs his wife to tell him what to call her private parts.

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