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Posted by ultraemo - January 21st, 2019

Hello, so I've been visiting this website for almost two decades now, really didn't phase me. I've been visiting this place before YouTube hit the scene and I think that explains why I haven't, not really an idea to point out that how YouTube taken over is the reason I shouldn't have visited this place. Something worth mentioning, I am amazed how educated viewers are. Before, make the most vile animations and it got you somewhere or make a point. Now, because video content is here, not just on You(Face)Tube... there's expections from you folks and it has changed some of the ideas in videos. 

But because of this, a few weeks ago, I decided to delete some of my videos. This was because they were getting in the way of the real world, my real world. If my boss saw it at work for example, I know I'll get fired of them or I have trouble telling people about how I make videos because of it's content and feel threaten. I've had some controversial says at work and I've had people in the real world who were "concerned" with some of the edgy claims I've ever made, not just in videos. 

Funnily enough, the videos, that I kept up are the videos I know wouldn't make outsiders question the content I've made. These just happen to be the content that I've cried my eyes out and break sweat for and spent weeks. Movies like Why He Named Himself Freethinker and Angel Interrupted for example. Thoses are the movies that went under my skin where I said to myself "I feel stupid making this!" but knowing it would get somewhere, just shows that it's made me comfortable with my edgy videos! I have personality have people who take a cheap swing at me bashing my videos but only do it as a cheap tactic to get me to keep making videos so they can just sit back and get entertained and even claim its them that's driving me but also funny is that no one talks to them or they have no one to talk too about that. It makes me laugh they don't have anyone to tell that too maybe because they don't have anything and just using that idea to get attention for themselves. Very very cheap.

But anyways, I am still working on my jaggy edge animations. Got three movies planned, so I can't get to get them together, polished and for the website. A lot more in the future.


Posted by ultraemo - September 2nd, 2018


A more light hearted movie under the dark tones. I met her in a chatroom. A very mature person who wants to be to herself. So what better way to make a movie about her but not in a horrible way, in a more cool way. That teabag in the movie is really me, how I turn into a teabag and get used.

Movie link: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/656807

She said that she was surprised I didn't make her look very bad and made fun of her and I've taken pride with what she said about the movie, it made me feel very good about myself. I mean I didn't want to ambush her with my movie, so I made some effort to make the character look decent and worthwhile and not keep making movies making fun of people.

Posted by ultraemo - July 17th, 2018

Sure some have seen my video Why he named himself Freethinker: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/660937


To explain the reason behind making this video. During my years in the chatroom I've settled in, there was this one guy who've always taken the mic and rants and alienates people. He annoyed 95% of the chatroom. There was even a time when some of the other chatters set up another section to get away from him in the lobby. He would never stop. He went by the name Freethinker... but then it makes anyone wonder why he named himself Freethinker when he couldn't deal with how he annoys people. So if I wanted to cuss him down, makes you wonder what he was trying to make others look.


Freethinkers... or a freethinker within soceity, during the last decade, they were protrayed as the least trusted people and have major difficulties to fit within society because of their beliefs. They are the focus of major criticism and ordeals but since then, it's been relaxed towards them because of the amount of alienation they had to endure and how unfair for them it would get, so now a days Freethinkers are alot more tolerated and more accepted within soceity. 

So here's a guy who talks about what he talks about, like weed to try to make himself look mature. He kept ranting on and on and would always ignore others who he simply didn't like because they never wanted to talk to him with what he believed in and almost everyone didn't want him. Because the admin had nothing against him, they couldn't remove him, so with the tools i had and the website here, I thought, made a movie about how much of an asshole he was. 

... and I have to tell you. I didn't like it. I told alot of people that I was going to make a movie about how much of an idiot he was because he was a problem. I spent TWO WEEKS making that movie while he sat there ranting on. He wasn't going to go anywhere . Maybe not the best quality of movie making but decent. It had a story and quality was decent but that was it! Posted it here, got approved and then I later showed him. 

To my surprise and reaction what I saw happened next, he reacted and he changed and I never saw him again. He knows it's true. There's a few users/people I meet out there who can't deal with the every day world. He went around hogging the microphone, trying to say that he's pooring in the energy into the chatroom he knows everyone wants but never really given it. So when I made that movie and his reaction in the chatroom, I knew I had something. That's why some of the movies come across maybe bizzare and alienate but they really represent someone, elsewhere and it's meant to tell them to behave and they don't have all the power in the world. 

... and yeah, I do feel a bit bad but the least I can do is to make myself a supporter and it did give me a chance to get some experience making videos which is useful for me into the video and I do have you guys to thank for that.

Posted by ultraemo - July 16th, 2018


I'm deciding to break out and to finally get to explain some of the inspiration behind some of my movies. For the pass seven years, I've been settling and using chatrooms. Not the NewGrounds chatroom on this website. I'm talking about those independent chatrooms. Well I figured what ever happened to chatrooms and I've been using them and well, I've had alot of reasons to keep in their then anywhere, so that's very scary to admit. Trying not to embarrass myself. surviving chatrooms isn't easy. The moment of bullying and cheating I've seen in chatrooms, you wouldn't believe. That for another time.

Making movie wise, I started making my little animations years ago, when chatrooms were hot, there were like 40 active users sitting in a chatroom, watching the colorful text go by and before the Google Panda update was in place, allowed those chatrooms to be active and having traffic of users flooding in and using the chatroom. Tough crowd and to stand out and get somewhere, the reason I went by and mixed in with everyone was because I could make movies. I made movies about users, like an e-card but it was meant to tell those users and everyone that they stood out and etc but that when it was hit and miss really. I have an entire YouTube channel full of them. Unlisted and privated for many reasons but solely because it was a private encounter with someone else who I just met and I didn't want to for them into the spotlight just in case I made a great movie and it went viral by accident. It happens. 

With the "Drama" within the chatrooms, someone got the shit end of the boat and be painted to be the biggest loser. Something everyone tries to avoid or don't want, it happens but unfortuately, there were users I've met over the years, I'm talking about EVERYDAY, who would enter the chatroom, really out there to try and seek some attention to sometimes but would monopolize situations or take advangate of the situation and I thought it was all just some tougue on cheek, get what people get when it's free, so I really needed something to really get at them.  

... from this website, because the chatrooms were powered by Flash, I thought it was a good idea to use this website to help me try to get the message at them and they were annoying! Because the chatroom I was at, had something like 20 active chatters and you get that really controlling yet can't remove user that annoys everyone and admin doesn't want to remove him or anything, so I had to take my time, to make a movie, polish it to standard (because of the rating system here) and publish it here. If I had something like the basic 300 views, 125 votes,... that was alot more then the 20 active chatters in the chatroom. That's 300 against 20 views, so that's more powerful and using the idea that if I don't get millions of views on YouTube, therefore they thought, it wasn't worth it. Making movies and uploading here, just meant, they never saw what I made coming to them. :D

Thankfully, not all the movies I've made out there to go after the users I was settling with in that chatroom with. Some users were good movies to be nice to those users, so I didn't want to just make my channel like I went against everyone. Yes, a PR campaign to make me look good :D but I don't want my movies just to get at everyone and maybe I'll make a movie to represent someone and it would pay off in a way that I would be surprised about.
Anyways, more about this and on specfics, who I went after and what I did another time, because I have a lot of say about this, because I've been in the chatroom for so long, so I'm not really short on stories. But I did take advangate of what goes on around here, so I apologize if anyone feels exploited if they voted on my movies but it did help and I will explain who I've made a hit on and which movie in future posts. I got what I wanted and I want to move on. I really want to get them out because I did have so much fun with what people were telling me and how they were trying to get me on their side, to help them, just becuase I made my animation shorts, so it is a story worth telling in a future.

Posted by ultraemo - June 13th, 2018

I think it is nice that the new layout for Newgrounds is around. I was just thinking to myself that their are many websites which feel dated and with Newgrounds being here for around two decades, why bother! It seems that the new layout is getting to me and it does feel good knowing that the website cares. I was on another website which is very dated, almost neglected. It didn't feel so good visiting.

DATEDDDDD! Over-used term. I thnk website especiality Microsoft, how they've rolled out their user interface with buttons being minimal is affecting how we think and interact with website, so it is nice that this website has an overall change with how it looks slightly, because it is the reason I would use a website for the long term.

Posted by ultraemo - February 27th, 2018

Hello, so I've currently working on my first game. The news is that I may decide to make it in Flash but now, because of the news breaking out regarding Adobe Flash being dropped from browsers, I've decided to drop Flash entirely. This is before I do plan to post the game that I would like to make and show off on here and it would take alot of my time to learn Flash just to make a game (when I could have done so a decade ago) and move quickly onto Unity. I will take a look at Unity and any browser software to make what I would like to show off and try to get it somewhere.

I have no experience making games in Flash and I still have my vector skills from Flash but I rather put that in illustations which are common like Serif softwares but will I ever use Adobe, I don't know because I don't use it as much and I haven't got much of an application for it.

Posted by ultraemo - February 11th, 2018


Gameboy aftermarket parts to use to replace parts on your Gameboy. I'm a fan. Can happen on any consoles if there is any parts being manufactured. I like to keep my mods to a minimum especiality on consoles and handhelds because I still want to use them. I've only replaced the action buttons and power switch colors. I do have a backlight but I messed up the screen. I can't barely see the graphics on the screen :O. I'll have to power that up another day. Maybe I'll go out of my way to purchase a homebrew game in the future, to make playing a Gameboy feel alive. I have ordered another one of those screens in blue. A nice navy blue, a bold change from the other colors on there. I've kept the D-Pad black to keep the look of it bold. I like the manufactured stuff because it doesn't feel tacked on. I've seen other designs, they are wild. I see people really going on eBay to sell those things, I hope they get used if they get sold. I may trade off my device in the future if anyone wants it. Just worried about the screen however. :| I suppose I'll get that sorted one day.


Pokemon Blue cartridge inside. I'll have to get a replacement label for that to make it easy for me to know what the game is.

Posted by ultraemo - February 3rd, 2018

It's been a while since I've actually posted a blog to quickly trying to move. So animation wise... previously, I've done alot of research into animation and my work and what I would like to do and put out here. I don't have animation as a career, I've done it entirely in my spare time. One of the things I was extremely upset about was Squigglevision. Because I've been a fan of MS Paint and I wanted to show off what I can do, I wanted to really attract some form of attention, so I was planning to make animations still of animated lines like that show... Dr Katz. So I wonder why no one has done that much around here. Yes, I'm aware it's old but it's always going to be there making history even when that was almost 20 years ago.

I'm talking about this:


I suppose I've not in boring terrority anymore. Squigglevision is patented. I have to get rights to make and publish animations like that. The guys that own the rights, they can turn me down, tell me that I'm crap and whatever, since why they've made their shows and to tell the whole world to lay off them! 
Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Squigglevision


The same production company has made other cartoons using the same method. Cartoons like Home Movies. They made the animations on MS Paint but then developed technology to move away from that old raster-feel. Makes me wonder where to head with my animation skills and where to place them in the future and how that's going to appear and what I'm going to use the medium off.

I mean there's still room to show off what I could do with something like raster-looked MS Paint or Paint.net, it's just having to look around for other things to do with it in the future, but that's going to take a very very long time to make what I want to show off, since why I've been so quiet or not posting as much. I am currently working on another movie and quality is something that I am going for. 

Posted by ultraemo - September 7th, 2017


After the late news of Adobe announcing that they'll abandon Flash in 2020, I've decided to watch the movie 2012, maybe an inspiration of what's going to happen to Flash in 2020 and it's the most tasteless choice of movie. I mean Adobe Flash is software so anything could happen and happen soon after. Hopefully I wouldn't post much here because I should be more concerned with making movies if I'll blog around here, so this post is going to stay for a while.

2012 was released in 2009. (Oh, good I could finally blog about this!) It based of the Anicent Mayan prediction the world was going to end in... 2012, aka five years ago. Clearly loads of people were talking about it then. Worth the movie? It gathered back almost four times in earnings against it's budget. Yep, loads went to see it The movie has a good cast but I think the movie really pokes fun at the 2012 event. It certainly give loads starring in that movie something for their career.  There's many sub-stories in the movie along the main movie, like the family from LA and a scienist who are part of the survival crew trying to outrun the distaster. It's just a movie anyways. The special effects were the best part of the movie also. Surely the movie gives everything the world wanted to see, like the arrogant Russian guy who dies towards the end for example.

The movie was very very long also. Very long clocking in at 2 hours, 28 minutes, seriously long. I don't know if that is a good thing or bad thing.

Makes me wonder what will come out for Adobe Flash. Maybe I should make a little movie like that. It would be great. Not sure if the world wants to know the Flash community would build arks and hide themselves until the rest of the world wants us. Doesn't stop anyone from making Flash films because they can be rendered from their files and displayed on the big screen and who knows what Adobe will do with Flash... I mean Adobe Animate for years to come. 

I'm sure many would wonder if I had something against Flash. Here where I live in Britain, when Marcomedia first offered Flash, they rigged the prices skyhigh for us British. So for American consumers, they got it for $99 and for British customers to gather a license, they rigged the prices to £99 which was actually something like $190. When Flash was first one, even I knew the prices wasn't correct at the time. Yep, it's one of the reasons I stayed clear for Flash and never really bothered. I haven't found a reason for it, which is a shame. I didn't even pirate the damn thing for use to make movies anywhere.

Also with YouTube casting over NewGrounds, I was actually confused with what went on, so I made movies for private use but now I got all the skill I want but I have to think about what's worth while.  

Posted by ultraemo - August 8th, 2017


Hello.. so while Adobe Flash has reported to be killed off for good, that isn't the only software announced to be killed off. Microsoft has joined in to announced that they're killing off MS Paint. It's going to be replaced with the more 2010 kind of software 3D Paint. Yep, you can paint in full 3D. So what would people miss from MS Paint?

Myself personality. The animations MS Paint has offers was already tapped out. Pixel Art being the most popular. I use MS Paint to make some of my animations for community chatrooms because they look bad but I may continue just to put some closure onto it. I also use Paint.net and is currently aware about some features to make animations feel like they've been made in MS Paint.

There's also a patented animation technique called swigglevision. Yep, it's been patented. Remember that jazzy city cartoon titled Dr Katz? The animation company behind the show patented it back in the ninties. It's a bit of a steal if any animation company worked hard to make cartoons and patented something like that because drawing figure animation in MS Paint is hard and takes a while. Really drains some nights I have sometimes making animations for those.

MS (2D) Paint has really allowed everyone to tap out the potiental the software ofered and clearly Microsoft are moving on. I'm going to make the most out of the software and make some cartoons I really really think I think I should make and just move on also. What do you guy think of MS Paint going and being replaced by 3D Paint?