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Posted by ultraemo - July 26th, 2017

So Adobe has announced their assassination attempts against their own creation, Flash when it will turn 24 years old in 2020, Adobe is going to stop feeding and fixing it like an over-grown child locked up in the Adode headquarters and hope it rots and gets pushed aside on the internet and never to surface again to entertain everyone. I'll maybe improve the quailty of that picture because I really want to get the message out there in the future how much Adobe Flash is the anti-super hero we all loved and neglected but it stayed strong. 

I've been studying how Flash is used, including on Newgrounds, when they've used it heavily. I get it, it's has its problems and there's reasons for it. I can't say much about it. I've noticed Adobe's Animator is being used privately and used to render for film and used elsewhere because of it's technical uses. The developers, Adobe are based in California, same state where they have somewhere like Hollywood, so no surprise they have a mentally making software which is marketed in such a way that's almost like Hollywood marketing their movies to make box office sales. 

... and now the software from Adobe is still making tabiod headlines. So while I join in, I suppose I'm going to have some fun marketing it.  Adobe is an aging business. Of course it doesn't care but as someone who live their life with Adobe Flash, it is disheartening to see those folks fighting what to do with Adobe Flash and I think Flash has been thrown into the mist but no many people who want to help poor Adobe Flash because maybe they don't have the right tools to find and comfort Flash in the mist, do they? Well I do and we'll see what happens. 2020 is a long time. A very long time. I'm sure others on the website here are disheartened that Flash is going to die as this website foundations were built with the help of Adobe Flash to kickstart our love of Internet animation, so I think it should have level of care but a refreshed entry to keep it alive for a bit longer.

You'll think a country like Japan or China would care? Japan are maybe pointing and laughing at Adobe Flash and Adobe themselves like any other American software product and I wouldn't think they'll do anything, so screw them. I'll take their old anime/manga style also. Just you wait Japan. More Adobe Flash the Anti-Super Hero coming soon. Just hopes not to clash with DCs Flash and get a dispute over the right of the name or find another way to market what I'm really trying to redeem on here.

Posted by ultraemo - May 4th, 2017


Something I could finally explain that talks about me. I'm moving away from Flash for good, that idea alone is slowly becoming a cliche. In my own time, I've been making animations with MS Paint frame work. It's because I have the creative freedom to draw excatly what I want and very quickly. It also means I can take care of the animation slides. I'm going to be focused on this in the future. It also saves me alot of hassle but there are some things I am considering. I have a supply of movies so far, but I'm trying to work or re-edit them to fit onto this website. I actually shy away from it but I've been getting support to continue making movies, but my choice in strict MS Paint is mine because it's something I can make. I think there's alot I could too to make it worth while. It's just practice. I'm also working on my aetheistic too. Gives me something to make the movie look good.

Posted by ultraemo - April 30th, 2017


During the last month, there's been talk about Youtube having a dark mode. A dark mode is the color scheme which turns their service black and red, which is hidden in Youtube and could be accessed through the amazing 'hacking into browser' means. It's clear it's getting the entire press talking. It's not secret. Why there's a Dark mode? Youtube has to put up with competition like errr Newgrounds? With a paid subscription services like Netflix present which is already dark, it's putting pressure on Google and Youtube. So they've made 'Dark Mode'! I mean the mainstream generation we still have around, may not know what's been going on. I think it's a reminder about how good I've had it here on Newgrounds. I like the dark look and feel around here and it's the reason I get comfortable and to have Youtube come out with there 'dark mode' while advertisers pull their money out from Google and then they have a 'dark mode'. Clearly Youtube is getting into a mess. Youtubers are crying over there. I personally don't care and I think many others shouldn't also.

Posted by ultraemo - April 10th, 2017

So firstly, I'm going to drop Flash to make movies. I'm fully understood that it's not really vital to get content onto this website in just flash but sometimes I would like to know the secret to what made Flash ever popular and to get somewhere. We're in an age where we don't have to rely on ever waiting for a video to load. That's the entire reason Flash was ever used for in the first place. SWF files were small but the rendering was great but everyone has boardband. Not unless I want to get content to someone living in some rural area, who doesn't have boardband. I'm sure there's still that market out there who has to put up with using Flash and maybe make something for them. Who knows. At the time, you wouldn't think about internet speed but we did have CD-ROMs measuring at 650MB that distributed content and there were programs like GetRight which had algorithms (everyone's favorite word) which told the user who long it would ever take to download a file, so even back then, people knew. Another time, I'm saving this. I like what I've just typed.


So I want to end my Flash rant spree with a movie review of Drawn Together: The Movie. It was made soon after the series on Cartoon Network was cancelled from demand. This movie really made me stop thinking about flash movies actually. Drawn Together is a cartoon about a reality TV show of characters which pardoies other famous characters from video games and shows. 

The show isn't just funny. There is that sad feeling that it really is the end of the characters as the characters struggle to get their show back onto the air. It protrays the harsh reality of being a character that no one wants to watch. There's even a beefed lengthy South Park parody in the movie which I couldn't believe was created. It was made so the characters would see what other show took their time slot, considering that I am a fan of South Park, it was entertaining to watch.

It did feel satifying that they ended the series with the movie, maybe because the cancellation came at a bit of a surprise. I found it very interesting that it was animated in Flash because it was almost like a message to a website like Newgrounds that it's how parodies end up. It is a bit worrying that it has heavy antisemintic remarks in the movie. I really wondered if that was really needed. 

Posted by ultraemo - March 5th, 2017

5026346_148873179862_Hanoka_dvd_cover.jpgAfter reading in rumorville, aka Wikipedia, I set off to purchase the first Japanese Flash Anime series Hanoka and I was more then surprised what I actually got in the post. I got 2 DVDs but they don't come in a boxset. Getting straight to the point. This next part will shock you. (not read bait but be prepared) The entire anime series has 12 episodes but... the entire series is less then an hour. Yes... that's right. The entire anime series is less an then hour long and it's split between two DVDs. For those that don't know what I'm trying to say. Standard DVDs can hold 2 hours worth of movie content but Hanoka is less then an hour long and comes on 2 DVDs.

I had another look at Amazon from those who listed it and it says NOTHING about how long the anime is and the internet wikipedia pages explains how it comes in 12 episodes like they're standard 20 to 30 minute episodes. Each episodes is an average of three to four minutes with the last epsidoe being over ten minutes long. I mean don't get me wrong, Flash animations around here for almost two decades have been on average, Three or four minute long and someone in Japan decides to make an anime television series but each epsiode is three or four minutes long and it gets printed onto DVDs and costs like a normal DVD and still does. Does something many Japanese producers give, make the last episode feel it's worth it's weight. Final epsiode being over 10 minutes long. having said that, Amazon sellers, you think I'm going to review that on Amazon? The anime series doesn't use three quarters of the space it was printed on, so someone in Japan hopes that someone would get it and praise the marketing they worked so hard on to get the DVD covers and discs printed on them while there's barely any content on both discs.

Those DVDs cost me around $13 each. Even I feel short changed and then someone, like myself would says something redeeming like 'It's just for research for the Adobe community!'. The average common mainstream buyer isn't going to know that! This is just the beginning of the hell I went to speed-watch this.


The story is about a bunch of female soliders fightng a war in the future. The leader character (with the sliver hair) is named Hanoka (I think, I'm not bothered translating that, it too predictable to watch but maybe I'll translate it anyways since it's so damn short) and the story is between her relationship between her and the other troopers, how they help her be the heroine she is. Because it's in Flash, the characters look like they float on screen as they move and breathe, it's very very flash like and a bit wierd too. Not the translation style of animation but it does sell itself as a Flash animation.


It's clear why they've made the main characters all female. Sex appeal doesn't stop in an attempt to sell what's going on in the screen. At one point, an attack causes the lead character too get most of her clothing ripped in a suggestive manner. 


She and the others eventfully encounter the evil leader. Not a good time to poke out it looks like ... a Pokemon. It's a Japanese thing, they always put the bad guy as some naturous hazard with all the times I've watched Japanese content.


Earth Charmander GOOOOOOO-O-O-O!!! Oh wait!!!

Oh in less then an hour and across two DVDs. That's Hanoka. One thing worth pointing out. While it's aims to say it's the first animation in Japan made in Flash, the backgrounds are mostly hand drawn traditionally and clearly placed in using the insert image function. It's barely noticible and doesn't have the Flash traits someone would be impressed by. They've tried to make it up by making each scene unique with the characters to have something different. Flash is known to be tough because of that, so it is a bit impressive but I'm still hurt by the fact that it comes across 2 DVDs for a less then an hour anime series and it's clear they wanted to make these sell for money. Another Japanese sell that does a great job misleading buyers into purchasing this. So there's the news. That's Hanoka folks. I doubt Japan wouldn't want to make another anime using the same techniques in Adobe Animator. Not as great as all the other anime kind of content found here on Newgrounds but it's clearly meant to say 'This is the first anime, so let this crap take over your lives because we hate Flash!'.

Posted by ultraemo - March 5th, 2017

Just a little bit of an update. I may decide to start making a game using Adobe now. Not with the annoying software I've already used but I may start a Adobe Animator subscription to the get kind of game I want. Also now I'm feeling that my research on what's already made in Flash has gone somewhere but I'm a bit surprised with what I discovered out there. I simply didn't notice that it was that big of a deal. Anyways, I think I'll keep a steady pace on finding out the shows out there which use Flash and write about them. I just hope prices on those releases don't rise as I blog about these. There's always someone watching and reading my post elsewhere (and I'm not talking about a fellow Newgrounds Supporter) and I'm getting news throw in my face where someone that read my posts and I feel someone's taken advangate of it, since it's way I enjoy making news posts here regarding the matter.

Posted by ultraemo - January 26th, 2017


It's been a while since I've posted something on here to rip on the professionals who use flash. The Ricky Gervais Show. A popular web podcast where they've managed to get themselves a hit show which was animated in Flash. How delightful! The series ended with three seasons from 2010 to 2012 but it doesn't stop me from ripping on how much influence the internet could of had on it or how it poked fun at the internet.

The wikipedia page article says 'The episode "Knob at Night" was nominated for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program (for Programming Less Than One Hour) at the 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards.'

Wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Ricky_Gervais_Show_(TV_series)

I went to watch that epiosde on the box-set and all that one episode ever talks about it sex, sex and sex! That's all. Is that a hint I'm getting that any flash animated series. It's the 2nd episode of the first season, you know? That 2nd episode where it follows after the first episode. That very first epsiode which acts as a debut of the show, trying to say the rest of the series is loaded with good stuff but doesn't deliver. A bit predictable isn't it?! Like what you trying to say? the best content make in flash should be about sex? I try not to take anymore noticed of this. I'm bored of the show already!


Posted by ultraemo - January 8th, 2017

Bobinogs is a 2003 children animation show made by BBC Wales where the animation is made entirely in Marcomedia Flash. There are some live action segments of kids performing but not much of but I would agree with Bobinogs being the first show to be credited of Flash's creativity with when it was made. This is where my research of where Flash has gone into and I thought this was more of an interesting find then what I've getting into so far. I don't think there's been a blog about this, hence why I'm blogging.


The fact that this cartoon was made in Marcomedia Flash late after the events of what happened could be purely coincidental but I know someone or a bunch of workers in some offices somewhere in the BBC knew what fully went on and had there input with how this cartoon should be made after what happened here on Newgrounds between them and the BBC, I think it shows in Bobinogs that it was a show to poke fun at the adult audience who've watched it and simply liked Flash animations at the time. 


The shows central characters are a trio of band members, Ogi, Bobin and Nib. The simplistic animation make many of the characters questionable of who they are and who they are trying to represent and what it may be. For kids, it's a no brainer, maybe it teachs them what to look out for and not to judge characters but for adults, it may be a different story. For example, it's clear Ogi, the fat character who looks like a bunch of South Park characters combined is based of South Park, which was a viral hit back in the mid 90s. Makes it even more funny that his belly button is sicking out. For kids, wouldn't get it, for adults who've may of known about South Park. It could be a different story.


... and believe it or not, Bobin, the character in the glasses (maybe the best way to simply describe that character if selected from a line-up among other characters) is female but they've created her to look very male at first glance, with a scene featured here in this screenshot, to show off that she isn't afraid to wear a dress. Oh, the hat she wears makes her look African or Carribean, so try and explain the character design for that one and see how message goes around, if it was mis-explained with someone of ethic origin nearby listening in.

Then you would think... if the chubby kid is meant to represent South Park all in one, and the character with the Glasses with meant to provoke a reaction for black people to cave  into someone who talks too much, then you would wonder what's the disturbing significant of the little girl in the blue dress?! Isn't that the point? Who think about something disturbing over a little girl?! They even given her a navy hat which looks like they have devil horns on them! That's equality the disturbing traits to match those characters.

You can tell that this cartoon was created to pick at the adult auidence and have viewers discuss and possibly point the finger at potential offensive comments to any unlucky viewer, who would criticize what appears in this cartoon, solely for the fun of it after their attack on here. Similar to the same situation that happened here on Newgrounds, years before. One organization (The BBC) certainy learnt something from Newgrounds and may still feel bitter about it, so they could of used that experience to help create this!


... and there's many more examples of scenes where it's hints alot of suggestions to the adult audience to get them to think suggestively. You can tell this scene screams this, breaks stretotyping in a suggestive manner for adults. Did you ever plan to go with your woman and walk in a park together, crossing by someone's picnic? How about this?! Which elderly woman rides a pink bicycle?

I think it's clear what happened here on Newgrounds, influnece how Bobinlogs was made with some or many of the elements (all?) found in the cartoon and does concern and make me think alittle bit, especaility considering it was a Welsh company that created this and not an English company, where the main BBC offices are located.

With a population of over 3 million (if you consider the cartoon was made in 2003, possible under 3 million), Wales makes a good minority of the United Kingdom. Sometimes, with all the times I've lived here in London, I've learnt that many people from Wales don't get along with some of the folks here in England and most of the time, the Welsh need more support then we would usually assume. So instead... Wales make the first flash animation for the television. I feel like more crap to be from England, home of the BBC but I'm sure the Welsh wouldn't want me to feel that way.

I must admit, it's a dicey thing from a corparation to manage and many British kids were told this was a good idea to watch this. I shouldn't be surprised. It could of been the other way around if Welsh set out to make this. Wales must of made Bobinogs for England considering that this was popular in England also and maybe it was more of a favor for people in England after Telebubby Funland.Wales has given birth and rise of some of the best media stars in the world (like Luke Evans for example. who performing as Gaston in the upcoming Beauty and the Beat and also is Owen Shaw in Furious 6, who helpped give way to Jason Statham in Furious 7  for example, you see what's going on there?!). I would think that a Welsh company for them to make the first flash cartoon for television was just a way to say that us folks in England aren't still bothered about Flash or just simply needed help with it. 


The BBC also enjoyed Bobinogs so much to give it an special case for it's DVD release, moulded with a handle, for kids to carry it around, like some sort of trophy or handy toolbox. How this made and packaged for it's DVD release says alot about how it was made. It may have low value pre-owned across shopping websites but the price may shoot up, if the whole world knows about the whole BBC vs Telebubby Funland debarkable with this Bobologs being made soon afterwards. They've sold a flash cartoon like candy maybe! Maybe that's what the BBC are trying to do because they didn't want to see their "Teletubby character designs in adult situations", so they went the other way with this. I suppose that's competition then but it's worth pointing all this out because it happened on Newgrounds first. Never forget because I wouldn't, but then what?! We've got loads of examples of Adobe Flash being used for kids entertainment here in the UK, so it makes me wonder how message really got across.

Other then that, thanks for reading and maybe I'm not going off the rails with this find. I'll let you decide for yourself.

Posted by ultraemo - December 11th, 2016

Hello Folks

I've just getting to get my Newsground account up and running with movies, thanks for watching and enjoying my films. The early movies, I've been playing around with Vectorian Giotto which I have used in my previous first movies however the pain dealing with the flaws and bugs has got me fed up. So I have agreed to get abode to make movies, but that's a different story. I've been purchasing stuff over the years but never using them, so that's where my confidence hits me. It doesn't mean I've given up, it's just back to re-thinking how or what is best for me to work on to make the most out of Adobe Flash.

Vectorian Giotto is a decent program to make flash movies at the bare minimum however the company out there decided to drop their support for the problem, so I can't complain about the bugs and crashes I've encountered for the program. 

My last submission "Big Fat Bad Shawn", which some of you may of noticed was actually made in MS Paint and Movie Maker. While Newgrounds is catered for Flash films and while sometimes the website may allow other mediums to slip thru (sorry Newgrounds), I can't and I don't want to keep making submissions like that all the time or I will have to explain why I've made a submission in MS Paint for my submissions. I do want them to be related to Flash movies because I still support the medium and I hope to transfer some of the ideas from some of the MS Paint movies I made into Flash because I like what Flash does with my ideas, which is the main reason I support the medium. 

More submissions later and thanks for reading.