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ultraemo's News

Posted by ultraemo - July 30th, 2021

I always get confuses with the icons on the blog posts, here. I always think the Red pencil means to compose a new post and the page with the plus symbol means to duplicate the posts. Confusing, very confusing.


Posted by ultraemo - May 9th, 2021

Hello folks, so it has been a while since I've posted anything on this profile, if not across this website, especially considering that I was User of the Day, a few months ago, so maybe to explain where I've been, if not since a few months ago (when I was User of the Day) but maybe all the time, over the years. 

So I've been using chatrooms over the past decade, since 2011, non-stop and it wasn't because I'm unsociable or lonely or desperate or whatever. It was a slow progress getting into them. The idea was trying to improve the conditions of chatrooms and to make them friendly. So what's interesting is that the chatroom software I settled in and grown with, was powered by Adobe Flash.

So, the group I'm part with, since they've been part of that software which is powered by Flash. Because I have my skills and experiences in handling situations, like what happens in chat, I have users who turn to me, for advice and defenses and I've never had a situation where I've worsen what went on there. Other times, I've had users try to get me on their side, only to find that they had other chatrooms, to try to build, maybe to show off, a little bit. I've never been in that crowd. Not once, or felt like I've missed out. Stood my ground, stayed in that one community and did what I did for that website.

With chatrooms, you get banned or kicked out or whatever and it means something but other times, I get groups who try starting up but fail, maybe because they can't sort whatever out for themselves and etc. So because it was powered by Adobe Flash and because Flash was switched off from the beginning of this year, some website owners, had to deal with that. Some didn't. So what I did, some of them, dealt with it better then others and I told a few that those website aren't doing anything about it, so don't bother. 

I return and Flash gets its EOL notice, I visit those websites and there was no chance, unless they find another chat client in PHP or HTML5 or whatever, with the news out there on Adobe Flash, those months and years ago. They had to remove the page and it was just a front page or they were "sitting ducks" in the situation. The reason, in a way, I'm bragging about it because they never liked me, yet I give all this help to them and they treated me trash, so I don't give them the key compenents. That's was my chatroom situation.  

So Flash, it's kind of like why I don't talk about it because the more I talk, the more, someone out there is going to do something about it, using Ruffle for those chatrooms or whatever but since I've done a bit of a risk assessment in the situation, it's why I'm beginning to speak up about it. If anyone out there, is willing to get that software working in Ruffle, I'm not going to say which one. I'm telling you, that software isn't as good as they say, it is. 

Anyways, the situation I have out there, hasn't got anything to do with Adobe Flash and it's not really my problem, anyways. I just didn't want to say much about it, bceause there's folks who are doing in their power to keep it alive. They didn't invite me, so I don't have to do anything. One thing I would say, because it's a chatroom community situation, I'm sure many people have noticed that I disapprove Discord and I would reject the offer and leave projects. This is the reason why. Maybe a bit unfair but after my experiences with this other software and the communities maintain this software powered in Adobe Flash and with the EOL on it, which has locked out anyone who tries to use it. I don't want to use a chatroom or chat community, ever again. Never. Discord's like a messaging board but it's stylized like a closed gated chat.

I mean at the end of the day, they didn't invite me or ask for my opinon. They must have thought, I was going to speak up about it and tell them what's best for their situation. So how about NO! Never! They must have thought, I was a meek desperate piece of trash, that was trying hard to fit in and they struggle to get their heads around, how to keep a place, they were trying to keep running and whatever they were trying to do. This software had invisible mode for admins and they enjoyed booting people. I'm not going to support that. Get me to drink kool-aid for them.

I have people I knew, I met in places like that, simply out there to get me. They can come here and explain why they think I'm trash. I won't. Trust me, on that. So anyways, ummm, there's that and why I'm out and about and hopefully explains, why I don't log into a place like Discord, which is unfair for those who do use it, condisdering many have potential but I spent my time, when I was their age, in a similar situation and had posted enough, for them to tell me, never to use a service like Discord or a chatroom. If that clears anything up. Like I'm wasting my time, so maybe that's something I've taken on board. I don't know, I'm confused myself.

Because I have that situation and in a way, want to deal with what I have out there, it's why I've put making animations on the side. The animations have always been on the side, to get by and it's nice that there's some level of interest but I have to deal with this chat situation. It may even benefit Discord because the software landscape may change, so I'm prepping up, really. So I'm safe, blogging about this and I try not to be so harsh towards the Discord users.


Posted by ultraemo - February 14th, 2021

Oh, hello, today, on February the 14th, I'm the website's User of the Day. So since it has collided with the other well known day, known as Valentine's Day, then what better way to celebrate myself being User of the Day, with the hint, my username waives out, then to give me something very dark, like black roses or dark gifts? Oh, no one has prepared to get those for me.

In terms of my account and animations, I do have more animations being made, I work full time and in my spare time, I make and put the animation frames together, slow process but it's worth it, so hopefully, this year, I'll get two animations out. Again, I never expected being User of the Day, thanks Tom, G-bot and everyone for your support.



Posted by ultraemo - October 9th, 2020

With Madness Day 2020 gone, which I've made a video for. It's been a while since I've made a cartoon but there will be more. I've read the comments and I will make more, with Madness Combat, because I like the series, not just for Madness Day.

Here's the video: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/766490

More coming soon!

Posted by ultraemo - January 21st, 2019

Hello, so I've been visiting this website for almost two decades now, really didn't phase me. I've been visiting this place before YouTube hit the scene and I think that explains why I haven't, not really an idea to point out that how YouTube taken over is the reason I shouldn't have visited this place. Something worth mentioning, I am amazed how educated viewers are. Before, make the most vile animations and it got you somewhere or make a point. Now, because video content is here, not just on You(Face)Tube... there's expections from you folks and it has changed some of the ideas in videos. 

But because of this, a few weeks ago, I decided to delete some of my videos. This was because they were getting in the way of the real world, my real world. If my boss saw it at work for example, I know I'll get fired of them or I have trouble telling people about how I make videos because of it's content and feel threaten. I've had some controversial says at work and I've had people in the real world who were "concerned" with some of the edgy claims I've ever made, not just in videos. 

Funnily enough, the videos, that I kept up are the videos I know wouldn't make outsiders question the content I've made. These just happen to be the content that I've cried my eyes out and break sweat for and spent weeks. Movies like Why He Named Himself Freethinker and Angel Interrupted for example. Thoses are the movies that went under my skin where I said to myself "I feel stupid making this!" but knowing it would get somewhere, just shows that it's made me comfortable with my edgy videos! I have personality have people who take a cheap swing at me bashing my videos but only do it as a cheap tactic to get me to keep making videos so they can just sit back and get entertained and even claim its them that's driving me but also funny is that no one talks to them or they have no one to talk too about that. It makes me laugh they don't have anyone to tell that too maybe because they don't have anything and just using that idea to get attention for themselves. Very very cheap.

But anyways, I am still working on my jaggy edge animations. Got three movies planned, so I can't get to get them together, polished and for the website. A lot more in the future.


Posted by ultraemo - September 2nd, 2018


A more light hearted movie under the dark tones. I met her in a chatroom. A very mature person who wants to be to herself. So what better way to make a movie about her but not in a horrible way, in a more cool way. That teabag in the movie is really me, how I turn into a teabag and get used.

Movie link: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/656807

She said that she was surprised I didn't make her look very bad and made fun of her and I've taken pride with what she said about the movie, it made me feel very good about myself. I mean I didn't want to ambush her with my movie, so I made some effort to make the character look decent and worthwhile and not keep making movies making fun of people.

Posted by ultraemo - July 17th, 2018

Sure some have seen my video Why he named himself Freethinker: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/660937


To explain the reason behind making this video. During my years in the chatroom I've settled in, there was this one guy who've always taken the mic and rants and alienates people. He annoyed 95% of the chatroom. There was even a time when some of the other chatters set up another section to get away from him in the lobby. He would never stop. He went by the name Freethinker... but then it makes anyone wonder why he named himself Freethinker when he couldn't deal with how he annoys people. So if I wanted to cuss him down, makes you wonder what he was trying to make others look.


Freethinkers... or a freethinker within soceity, during the last decade, they were protrayed as the least trusted people and have major difficulties to fit within society because of their beliefs. They are the focus of major criticism and ordeals but since then, it's been relaxed towards them because of the amount of alienation they had to endure and how unfair for them it would get, so now a days Freethinkers are alot more tolerated and more accepted within soceity. 

So here's a guy who talks about what he talks about, like weed to try to make himself look mature. He kept ranting on and on and would always ignore others who he simply didn't like because they never wanted to talk to him with what he believed in and almost everyone didn't want him. Because the admin had nothing against him, they couldn't remove him, so with the tools i had and the website here, I thought, made a movie about how much of an asshole he was. 

... and I have to tell you. I didn't like it. I told alot of people that I was going to make a movie about how much of an idiot he was because he was a problem. I spent TWO WEEKS making that movie while he sat there ranting on. He wasn't going to go anywhere . Maybe not the best quality of movie making but decent. It had a story and quality was decent but that was it! Posted it here, got approved and then I later showed him. 

To my surprise and reaction what I saw happened next, he reacted and he changed and I never saw him again. He knows it's true. There's a few users/people I meet out there who can't deal with the every day world. He went around hogging the microphone, trying to say that he's pooring in the energy into the chatroom he knows everyone wants but never really given it. So when I made that movie and his reaction in the chatroom, I knew I had something. That's why some of the movies come across maybe bizzare and alienate but they really represent someone, elsewhere and it's meant to tell them to behave and they don't have all the power in the world. 

... and yeah, I do feel a bit bad but the least I can do is to make myself a supporter and it did give me a chance to get some experience making videos which is useful for me into the video and I do have you guys to thank for that.

Posted by ultraemo - July 16th, 2018


I'm deciding to break out and to finally get to explain some of the inspiration behind some of my movies. For the pass seven years, I've been settling and using chatrooms. Not the NewGrounds chatroom on this website. I'm talking about those independent chatrooms. Well I figured what ever happened to chatrooms and I've been using them and well, I've had alot of reasons to keep in their then anywhere, so that's very scary to admit. Trying not to embarrass myself. surviving chatrooms isn't easy. The moment of bullying and cheating I've seen in chatrooms, you wouldn't believe. That for another time.

Making movie wise, I started making my little animations years ago, when chatrooms were hot, there were like 40 active users sitting in a chatroom, watching the colorful text go by and before the Google Panda update was in place, allowed those chatrooms to be active and having traffic of users flooding in and using the chatroom. Tough crowd and to stand out and get somewhere, the reason I went by and mixed in with everyone was because I could make movies. I made movies about users, like an e-card but it was meant to tell those users and everyone that they stood out and etc but that when it was hit and miss really. I have an entire YouTube channel full of them. Unlisted and privated for many reasons but solely because it was a private encounter with someone else who I just met and I didn't want to for them into the spotlight just in case I made a great movie and it went viral by accident. It happens. 

With the "Drama" within the chatrooms, someone got the shit end of the boat and be painted to be the biggest loser. Something everyone tries to avoid or don't want, it happens but unfortuately, there were users I've met over the years, I'm talking about EVERYDAY, who would enter the chatroom, really out there to try and seek some attention to sometimes but would monopolize situations or take advangate of the situation and I thought it was all just some tougue on cheek, get what people get when it's free, so I really needed something to really get at them.  

... from this website, because the chatrooms were powered by Flash, I thought it was a good idea to use this website to help me try to get the message at them and they were annoying! Because the chatroom I was at, had something like 20 active chatters and you get that really controlling yet can't remove user that annoys everyone and admin doesn't want to remove him or anything, so I had to take my time, to make a movie, polish it to standard (because of the rating system here) and publish it here. If I had something like the basic 300 views, 125 votes,... that was alot more then the 20 active chatters in the chatroom. That's 300 against 20 views, so that's more powerful and using the idea that if I don't get millions of views on YouTube, therefore they thought, it wasn't worth it. Making movies and uploading here, just meant, they never saw what I made coming to them. :D

Thankfully, not all the movies I've made out there to go after the users I was settling with in that chatroom with. Some users were good movies to be nice to those users, so I didn't want to just make my channel like I went against everyone. Yes, a PR campaign to make me look good :D but I don't want my movies just to get at everyone and maybe I'll make a movie to represent someone and it would pay off in a way that I would be surprised about.
Anyways, more about this and on specfics, who I went after and what I did another time, because I have a lot of say about this, because I've been in the chatroom for so long, so I'm not really short on stories. But I did take advangate of what goes on around here, so I apologize if anyone feels exploited if they voted on my movies but it did help and I will explain who I've made a hit on and which movie in future posts. I got what I wanted and I want to move on. I really want to get them out because I did have so much fun with what people were telling me and how they were trying to get me on their side, to help them, just becuase I made my animation shorts, so it is a story worth telling in a future.

Posted by ultraemo - June 13th, 2018

I think it is nice that the new layout for Newgrounds is around. I was just thinking to myself that their are many websites which feel dated and with Newgrounds being here for around two decades, why bother! It seems that the new layout is getting to me and it does feel good knowing that the website cares. I was on another website which is very dated, almost neglected. It didn't feel so good visiting.

DATEDDDDD! Over-used term. I thnk website especiality Microsoft, how they've rolled out their user interface with buttons being minimal is affecting how we think and interact with website, so it is nice that this website has an overall change with how it looks slightly, because it is the reason I would use a website for the long term.

Posted by ultraemo - February 27th, 2018

Hello, so I've currently working on my first game. The news is that I may decide to make it in Flash but now, because of the news breaking out regarding Adobe Flash being dropped from browsers, I've decided to drop Flash entirely. This is before I do plan to post the game that I would like to make and show off on here and it would take alot of my time to learn Flash just to make a game (when I could have done so a decade ago) and move quickly onto Unity. I will take a look at Unity and any browser software to make what I would like to show off and try to get it somewhere.

I have no experience making games in Flash and I still have my vector skills from Flash but I rather put that in illustations which are common like Serif softwares but will I ever use Adobe, I don't know because I don't use it as much and I haven't got much of an application for it.